The carnauba car waxrepels water and, consequently, most contaminants. When applied to any surface, carnaubaretains these characteristics. Therefore, an application of a carnauba-based car waxto your vehicle will protect it from UV rays, heat, moisture, oxidation, and environmental contamination.

Top 5 Benefits of Routinely Waxing Your Car

Virtually all modern car manufacturers use a layer of clearcoat paint to seal and protect the base layer of paint on each new vehicle. In the minds of some car owners, the presence of this transparent coating eliminates the need for regular vehicle waxing. However, even in the age of factory-applied protective layers, you still have plenty of reasons to make waxing part of your car maintenance routine. Let’s look at the top five benefits of the process.

1)  Adding an Extra Layer of Protection

Even if you have a new car with a clearcoat paint job, exposure to the elements can gradually break down that protective layer and leave the surface of your vehicle subject to eventual damage from UV radiation, insects, road debris, road salt and other sources. When you wax your car regularly, you’re essentially adding another layer of protection to the expensive factory clear coating. Rather than impacting this transparent paint, various sources of potential damage will impact the wax, instead. Since you can easily restore the wax layer as needed, your car’s clearcoat paint remains intact for as long as possible.

2) Making Your Car Easier to Wash

Regular waxing also makes your car much easier to wash. That’s true because, instead of sticking to your vehicle’s paint job, tree sap, insect parts, bird feces and other substances stick to the applied wax. The next time you go to the car wash, you can quickly get rid of any stuck-on materials. You can also get rid of them the next time you go through your waxing routine. On the other hand, if you don’t protect your car with a proper waxing, you may have to pay for a full detailing job in order to restore its surface to good condition.

3) Giving Your Vehicle a New-Car Shine

Not all cars are protected with a factory-applied clearcoat layer. If your vehicle lacks this coating, you may find it difficult to achieve or maintain a shiny exterior surface over time. However, when you wax regularly, you’ll have no problem keeping your car looking like new. In fact, the desire to achieve this new-car shine was a primary motive for routine waxing long before the automotive industry adopted clear coating as the norm in vehicle production.

4) Keeping Your Paint Chip-Free

While traveling down the road, the average car is frequently exposed to small impacts from tiny pebbles and other forms of flying debris. Over time, these impacts can lead to a significantly chipped paint job. Routine waxing will not provide ironclad protection from the potential for paint chipping. However, when you keep your vehicle waxed, you reduce the chances that contact with road debris will have a direct, lasting effect on your vehicle’s appearance. Without this extra protection, you may need to put up with the presence of unsightly chip marks or even put aside the money required for a partial paint job.

5) Diminishing the Appearance of Paint Scratches

Most car owners dread the idea of scratches in their vehicle’s paint job. Unfortunately, such scratches rank high among the most common paint defects. Routine waxing will not make scratches in your car’s paint disappear. However, an application of wax can make shallow scratches much less obvious to the naked eye. Unless heavy scratching is present, you may even prefer waxing over any other potential remedy. That’s because it allows you to avoid removing and replacing sections of your vehicle’s clearcoat layer of paint.

  • Lava Arch Foamer
    A luxurious bath of thick coloured foam that totally covers the car. This thick foam lather soaps up the vehicle at the first stage of the wash process to penetrate and soften grime attached to the vehicle. The Lava Foam Bath presents a delightful experience for the kids and young at heart as it lights up on delivery.
  • BluWave high pressure wash
    Provides precise and intelligent profiling that follows the contours of any car without coming into contact with the vehicle at any time. This smart wash removes as much as 99% of the surface dirt from your car.
  • Wheel Bright clean
    This three step process removes brake dust to leave your wheels sparkling clean. High pressure water is pumped towards your wheels and tyres through a spinning manifold of nozzles – soft, gentle, effective cleaning.
  • Soft Touch wash
    The softest revolutionary enviro soft, second generation foam material then gently follows the contour of your car, wiping away all traces of dirt, grime and grubby marks from the surface of your car.
  • Under body wash
    Underbody pressure wash effectively removes road grime and dirt from underneath the vehicle.
  • Spot Free Rinse
    We produce demineralised water which is 200 times more pure than rainwater and produces a perfect spot free rinse leaving your car to dry with no unpleasant water marks.
  • Tri colour foaming wax conditioner
    Fills in paintwork to create perfectly smooth finish to improve quality of protective coating.
  • Clear coat protectant
    Protects your car between washes from the many damaging and dangerous corrosive elements in our environment. Also helps to slide water and move other nasties such as bird droppings, from your car surface faster, increasing the effectiveness of your windscreen wipers and limiting damage to paintwork from corrosive elements found in our environment.
  • Turbo power dry
    Specially placed high pressure blowers at the end of the tunnel deliver a concentrated, direct air flow to instantly dry your car and leave it with a showroom shine.
  • Hi Gloss total body protection
    Protects your vehicle and windscreen from environmental factors, repelling rain and road grime from the glass and paintwork so water beads and slides off rather than dries and marks your car.
  • Sure Shine non sling tyre gloss
    This gentle brush conforms to the shape of your tyre to deliver maximum results. Using light pressure, the feather-tip material makes minimal contact while placing an even, consistent protective coating over the tyres.
  • Rust Buster
    This product protects a vehicles undercarriage from rust formation due to moisture, salt and road grime.
  • Carnauba Wax
    The delivery of Carnauba Wax to your vehicle mid way through the wash process is designed to protect the finish of your car from the breaking down of clear coat protection that gradually deteriorates due to daily exposure to the sun, wind, rain and atmospheric pollutants. Regular use of Carnauba Wax will provide ongoing and improved protection and makes you car easier to wash and maintain.